On November 3-6, within Robo Fest, the 2Space team, in collaboration with the Politehnica University of Bucharest, will organize the second phase of the Qube2Space competition. This stage consists of the actual construction of the PocketQubes following the steps established in the first stage of the competition. After their construction, each team will have a stand at Robo Fest, where they will display their PocketQubes and other team achievements. They will be visited by each juror individually to present their projects. After their evaluation, at the end of the Robo Fest the prize will be awarded and the 3 winning teams will be chosen and will be launched within Project Luna.


STUDENTS2SPACE is an NGO that wants to provide practical contexts for students passionate about the space industry, especially rockets. Specifically, this initiative supports volunteers in building and launching various rocket models. STUDENTS2SPACE main activity takes place inside the Research Center CAMPUS within University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania.
2SPACE team was born with the participation at EuRoC in 2021 from the desire of a few students who wanted to apply their engineering knowledge and get to know students all over Europe who share the same passion. The diversity of team members is the main factor that has made aerospace engineering research and continous progress possible in our work. This initiative supports volunteers and students who are passionate about rockets, helping them build and launch various models and giving them the opportunity to participate in competitions within this field.


On the 5th of July, at Smârdan Polygon, Galați, rocket EVA was launched. This way, the 2Space team became the first student team from South-Eastern Europe to design, build and launch a rocket almost 9000m in the air. The flight was a success, reaching the maximum altit ude of 8181m with a maximum speed of 2113km/h (1.7mach).
EVA was then successfully recovered and the data from the flight represents a vital resource towards the development of our skills and kn skills and knowledge. This launch is only the first step in achieving one of our goals, namely to represent Romania within the major international rocket-modelling competitions.


Our actual project, LUNA represents a new challenge to implement the accumulated knowledge and break another barrier between us and our long term goal: becoming one of the best student rocketry team. It is a long journey but we enjoy every step we take.
Launch rail departure velocity: 143.9960544km/h
Maximum velocity: 2,185.2002016km/h



We are constantly looking forward to cooperating with companies in the tech sector to provide support and advance our projects. A sponsorship can be technical, educational (supplying know-how) or financial. If you are interested in a sponsorship, a collaboration or more information on STUDENTS 2SPACE Team, feel free to contact us.